Katie Trautz’s new album ‘Passage’ is a collection of original music written over the past decade, with echoes of Honky-tonk, Appalachian music, and modern Americana that give the album an eclectic and creative sound. In the wake of profound life changes, and experiencing death and birth first hand, music became an outpouring of expression, thought and feeling during a tumultuous time. The decision to create an album that reflects the complicated passage between childhood and adulthood was a deliberate one, closing a chapter of songwriting, and turning the page to open a new phase of creativity. This is Katie’s eleventh album, including at least four with ‘Wooden Dinosaur’, and three with ‘Mayfly’. ‘Passage’ is her second solo album, but the focus on original music sets it apart from Katie’s previous records.

Katie Trautz is a native Vermont fiddler who has toured nationally and internationally sharing traditional music and original folk songs. Katie also plays the guitar and banjo crossing genres with her numerous ensembles.  Katie is the co-founder of the Summit School of Traditional Music and Culture, based in Montpelier, VT. Following her 8-year directorship at the Summit School, she became the Executive Director of Chandler Center for the Arts in Randolph, VT. In the fall of 2016, she decided to return to teaching music to children, while raising her new baby son.

Contact: katietrautzmusic@gmail.com