After a decade of leading the alt-country band Wooden Dinosaur, Michael Roberts is stepping out with his first collection of songs under his own name. Mixed Emotions finds the songwriter leaning on the stories of everyday lovers and losers to craft an album of narratives as rich and varied as the Vermont landscape he calls home.

The result is Roberts’ most mature collection of songs to date set against a classic country and folk backdrop: young men and women struggle to find love, work and contentment; dreamers struggle to find a level playing field; new parents try to make the most of their short time with their young children; and middle-aged men pass on one final chance for love.

To record Mixed Emotions, Roberts gathered a cast of collaborators new and old and conjured the late night vibes of The Rear Defrosters, the honky tonk bar band he leads in Southern Vermont. The album was recorded quickly and simply, often relying on a just a few ribbon microphones to capture the sound of old friends enjoying each other’s company.

Mixed Emotions is out June 14 on Lost Honey Records.

Contact: woodendinosaurmusic@gmail.com